How to use dropbox using an alternative to interface graphic interface.

Hello guys, I wonder if is possible to use the dropbox functions (create a new shared folder/set the e-mail that your shared this folder,and all others functions) via command line or something similar…I know that dropbox has the CLI, but those commands don’t do what I wont(create/config and share a folder) they just start/stop/restart/etc the dropbox…I read about the API v2 in the official website of dropbox( but I don’t understanding exactly what this tool do and how I use this.

Why I need this: Because I need to use de dropbox inside an another local machine that I access from my computer via SSH (terminal) ,so when I enter inside the another machine I need use dropbox via command line or something similar because is not possible use the graphic interface.


Thanks in advenced!

Default Asked on December 26, 2016 in Tools & Automation.
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Hi Douglas,

Instead of using dropbox, you can go for Amazon S3 ( In fact, dropbox is built on top of amazon s3. 

For s3 you get full CLI and API and GUI access. Also, AWS has a good API documentation for the same.

Thor Answered on December 31, 2016.
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