Is there an Email service in Azure similar to AWS SES Service ?

I am looking to implement a smtp controller. Is there any email service provided by Azure similar to AWS SES service? I find in the internet references to SendGrid instead of a service provided by Azure. Any help is appreciated.

Default Asked on November 29, 2016 in Tools & Automation.
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Azure don’t have any service like AWS SES.  A popular one is SendGrid – SendGrid is in the Windows Azure Store, but there are definitely other options.

If you are looking to integrate third party SMTP providers then SendGrid is best. Other popular ones are MailChimp and Dyn.
Amazon SES is very cost effective but not very feature rich for your email campaigns. For small requirements, you can implement any of them easily in your applications.

These third-party solutions are not very cost effective if you are looking to send hundreds of millions of emails daily (say if you run a large marketing campaign). Your bills shoot like anything. In that case, your organization should consider setting up their own SMTP relay farm.

Hulk Answered on November 30, 2016.
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