nomad shows job as dead

I am new to nomad. We are using nomad in production along with docker, consul, vault, ansible. When I run a nomad job from my local machine, Job registers successfully but show status as dead.

Roadrunner-2:nomad Shailesh$ nomad run -detach -address= production/router.hcl
 Job registration successful
 Evaluation ID: c9e77cb5-ef69-1c63-e926-f131b331d800

When I do nomad status

Roadrunner-2:nomad Shailesh$ nomad status
ID Type Priority Status
metrics system 50 running
registry service 50 running
router system 50 dead

And particularly when I check status of the job it gives error.

Roadrunner-2:nomad Shailesh$ nomad status router
ID = router
Name = router
Type = system
Priority = 50
Datacenters = us-east-1
Status = dead
Periodic = false
Error querying job summary: Unexpected response code: 404 (job not found)

I would highly appreciate any direction for troubleshooting above. Thanks

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What version of nomad are you using?

$ nomad version

Also, run

$ nomad eval-status c9e77cb5-ef69-1c63-e926-f131b331d800

to see what’s going on with your eval.

Default Answered on November 2, 2016.
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