What other container services do you know besides docker?

Hello guys!

I’m starting to work as DevOps in my new and first job! My boss ask me to do the following:

We work with Sequencing of bacterial sample data.When the data needs to a transfer for the IT office to make what need to do, the biologists needs to pass the data to a pen drive and deliver this personally, losing a little time, since every time they need to leave the laboratory and come here…

So the boss ask me to try create, within the sequencer, a cloud container that stores these data, with a multi hosts, that can be accessible via SSH (or another protocol) …Well, the docker enable to do it,but he just work at Windows 10, and the version of the windows that it is in the container is the Windows 7.

So, I need you to tell me: what other container services I could use for this task? Confused

PS: Sorry if I post this in the wrong place.

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Hi Douglas,

As of now , docker is the most prominent and dominant player in container field. This is the only container technology having support for Windows as per my knowledge.

rkt (pronounced as rocket from COREOS ) coming up as a good competitor though. But this may take sometime  😛

Also , looking at your use-case , your applications seems stateful and you should be better handling the data using VOLUMES to avoid the risk of loosing data , as deleting containers will delete all container data.

Hope this helps.

Default Answered on December 25, 2016.
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Yeah,  according to my research no you are right, no have another container service to windows for now..we decide try to use dropbox.

Thanks for the your time!

Default Answered on December 26, 2016.
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